Ciao, 2016!

Posts everywhere are going to look like, “New year, New me.” But do you realize how fast 2016 was? It felt like it just started but now, we’re about to welcome another year. But before we start again with our goals and resolutions, I would like to share with you the highlights of my 2016.


My favorite barkada. My Mondays for 5 years has always been with my Luv U family. A family that is full of laughter, a little bit of tampuhan, but love will always be the way to fix everything. It broke my heart that the show has to end, but what’s important is that even after the show, we are one family.


This show gave me the opportunity to show my drama side of acting. I love how heavy the scenes are every taping but in reality, we are a very happy set. Learned a lot from this show, from my co actors, my directors, and learned a lot from my character. Joanna will always have a special place in my heart.


My happy family. There was a time when I need to stop being Gigi Matahimik to give way to And I Love You So’s Joanna Ramirez. And that was the time I realized how sad I am to be not with the,. I always look forward every HSH taping day. We are a happy, happy and happy set. I love them.


One of the highlights of my year was when I had my first photo exhibit! I even had the chance to have a talk as I shared my simple tricks in capturing moments. I am thankful I was given the opportunity to do what I really love, and share my simple knowledge with my passion, Photography.

MilesyMilesAway: JAPAN

I decided to travel as an advance birthday gift to myself. This year, It was my 3rd time to visit Japan. I love Japan! I love how clean the country is, the people are always willing to help you, I love how safe the place is that it is safe walking late at night, I love all their stores. I am just so inlove with Japan. It’s my happy place.


My Official Miles Star. Every year, aside from their mallshows and set visits, we have a get together during my birthday and during the group’s anniversary. But this year, I was so touched when they threw a block screening for me for “The Achy Breaky Hearts.” I just had a cameo role, but they gave me their full support. Always thankful to have them.


I love it when we try different looks during our shoots and portray different characters on the set. All the spotlight and the glamour. But honestly, what I really love about my work is the experience. You get to see the real world. You gain knowledge from the people around you and you discover yourself more through your experiences in life.


It was just an ordinary but special day. We had lunch at home with my family.. And when I thought the day was about to end, my friends surprised me. And yes, I CRIED. We ended up having a fun road trip, shawarma and isaw night. So much love for them.

MilesyMilesAway: TAIWAN

Before going back to school, I treated myself another trip. I have no idea with Taiwan that’s why it is good to get lost and just explore. Traveling is something what makes me so happy.


Surviving another semester is a big deal for me. It’s not a joke doing two things at the same time. I always have a school-work-school-work schedule. And there are times when you just want to break down because you don’t know what to do first. But if you really want what you are doing, you’ll always find a way to do both. With all your heart. It’s all about determination. Sleepless nights are worth it with my grades this sem. Thank you Lord!


I am proud to say that I am still friends with my friends from grade school. December is our favorite month because it’s the only month that we have a chance to be complete. And after 3 years, we are complete this year! Always thankful to have them.

College friends knows the real struggle of my life since they know about my school-work-school-work schedule. But through their help, they make sure I am always updated with what’s happening and they always make sure that I’ll survive my day. And oh, we always have time for eating!

RICKY LEE Batch 15

One of my blessings this year was the opportunity to be part of Sir Ricky Lee’s workshop/workshopper Batch 15. I’m blessed to have a group where I can learn and where I could be vulnerable with. Thank you Lord for the opportunity to learn how to share my thoughts through stories. T


To my Beshie who has alwaaays been there for me. This year made us to become more mature and more close to each other. Thought that we already know each other so much, but this year was different. It just shows that being with your best friend is a continuous process of exploring and knowing each other, and sometimes being lost together.


Since Goin’ Bulilit, Mortiz family has been my second family. I am always thankful and blessed for the support, care and for the love they’re giving me.. I love how they treat me as a part of their family. They will always have a special place in my “Mortiz” heart.


And of course, to my family, who has been my support system since day one. To my mama and papa who’s always and always there to guide me. To my brothers who sometimes I don’t feel I belong. (Only girl problems.) I cherish every moment with my family because at the end of the day, they all that I have. I love the, very very much.

And lastly, to God, thank you for another year of your guidance and unconditional love. There are times when I question myself if I am capable of doing things but you’re always there to let me know that I am not alone in this journey. Because I am with you. Thank you Lord, for all the happy and sad days. Thank you for tea me that life goes on. You always make a way for everything. My greatest blessing in my life is YOU.

I can’t wait for what God has in store for me and for you for 2017. Always remember that God has not overlooked you. He has great plans in store for you. God’s love is unconditional. GOD’S LOVE = FOREVER.

Ciao, 2016!

Much love,


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