Hello, Miles!

Maybe some of you are wondering why I decided to create my own blog. I guess I’m not the only one who is afraid of

expressing my thoughts, ideas or anything out of the blue. We are all afraid of criticisms and of people who judge everything we do.

So what’s the point

not to proclaim that I am a “blogger,” but I decided to create a safe place for showcasing what I love doing. And I think that this site is a perfect avenue for

my love of photography.

I can’t wait to share to you places where you can hang out with your friends, or what good books to read at the moment. I’d be more than happy to tell you about my adventures, my love for abubots or how I spend my ME-time. Let yourselves be my best buddies now as I share to you everything! This is

the start of our friendship. 🙂 And a simple reminder from me: Don’t be afraid to share what’s in your

heart. YOU are special and there’s nothing wrong about being real. Go for it, love!

Much love,



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