Have you decided what Planner to use this coming 2017? I know you’re having a hard time on deciding what to use. Usually at the start of the year, we’re excited to use one, but after a month or so, our Planner will just be a display. But Passion Planner is not your typical planner.

It was January 29, 2015 when my supporters/friends, Official Miles Star surprised me with my first Passion Passion after work.

I’ve been looking for it here in the Philippines but unfortunately, it’s not available. So thank you to my Official Miles Stars for making it possible!

The one place for all your thoughts. Passion Planner is more than just a planner; it is a tool that helps you break down your short and long term goals and incorporate them into your daily life. It has been designed to encourage you plan for the future, reflect on the past, but most importantly, act on the present.

Each part of it provides enough structure to act as a solid starting point, and at the same time you have the power to customize it. Passion Planner takes lifelong goals and breaks them down into smaller monthly, weekly and daily steps:

Passion Roadmap

Helps you create a roadmap and step-by-step game plan to reach your goals.

Monthly Layouts

Helps you check in with your previous month, break down your goals into actionable steps, and set deadlines.

Weekly Layouts

It incorporates your goals and passions into the context of you daily responsibilities.

Reflection Pages

At the end of each month, there are questions to reflect on the past month and progress you’ve made.

Blank and Grid Pages

There are extra pages to use as creative space. The possibilities are endless!

Aside from this, there are additional parts that will really help us. There are Personal to-do list, Work to-do list, End of the month checklist and even quotes that will inspire us.

I am so blessed to have known the Founder, CEO and Designer of Passion Planner, ate Angelia Trinidad. Since I started using her planner, we exchanged messages once in awhile. And for Christmas, she surprised me with Passion Planners to share with my friends and family.. And because you/my supporters are special to me… I AM SHARING IT WITH ALL OF YOU!! Here are the simple mechanics:

1. Write a one word that describes you the most.

2. Post it in your Instagram with the hashtag, #MilesXPassionPlanner and answer the question:

What is your life goal this coming 2017 and what are your plans to make it happen?

With time, consistency and persistence, you will soon understand the potential this Planner has to create change and inspire action in your life.

Will announce the winner or maybe winners on January 01, 2017. Can’t wait to read all your stories! Just one entry per person, okay? 🙂

Much love,

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