Star Magic Ball 2016

Every year, aside from shoots and pictorials, we see our favorite celebrities dressed up for a night. A night that is all about being glamorous. Star Magic Ball is like a grown-up prom, where everybody gets to mingle and just enjoy the night. But behind our short but sweet red carpet moment, a lot of preparations has to be done, especially on the part our respective Glam teams.

TeamRainXEmXMichaelLeyva, who has been my team for the past 2 years and of course, wanted to work with them once again. And because of my work-school-work-school schedule, we only had a week to prepare for this year. Tuesday night after HSH taping was my 1st fitting and 2nd was Thursday night after school. I love how they collaborated to end up with my beautiful black serpentine frock by Michael Leyva.

I am sharing my Star Magic Ball journey for 3 years with my BESHIE! Want to know what’s our rituals and preparations before the ball? Then go ahead and enjoy! ?

Hi sleepy girly!
Of course with our momshies!
As usual..
And for our dessert: Beshie's cheesecake!! SO GOOD!!!
And for our dessert: Beshie’s cheesecake!! SO GOOD!!!

After eating, we took a nap and started preparing around 4pm.

Beshie1 the Cat, and Beshie2 the Monkey!
*dingdong* Mama Albert is here!!

I will not achieve my look without the BIG help of Ethan David and Albert Kurniawan. THANK YOU, mamas!!

Albert Kurniawan for my make up.
Ethan David for my hair. PS: I'm not sleeping. Hi hi!
Ethan David for my hair. PS: I’m not sleeping. Hi hi!


Since mama Albert had 3 alagas for that night (Me, ate Jodi and ate Kimmy), we finished early and I still had the time to relax..

It’s my beshie’s time to prepare! Just a trivia, ever since I started using contact lenses, I am convincing her to use as well. And usual she’ll say, “Beshieeeeee! Ayoko.” But after 234757492 attempts…

SHE SAID YES!!!!! Achievement for me! *happy dance*

And fast forward to…..

Sis Rain and Ethan being “”


According to my stylist, Rain Ragala, “This year, Miles wanted something simpler than what she wore last year. [But then we also thought that the Star Magic Ball would be the perfect avenue] for people to see her style and full potential. We wanted the world to know that Miles is ripe and ready for picking, and she’s now in tip top shape to embrace what she has always been destined to become—a star.”

“She wanted to work with Michael Leyva once again. He was the one responsible for her previous Star Magic Ball looks for the past three years, and Michael did the right gown perfectly. It gives a glimpse of her newfound figure while allowing her beauty to shine. She was really radiant that night.”


Being a roommate to your beshie means you’ll witness something fishy..


And after our preparations, it’s time to enjoy the night! Wasn’t able to bring my camera with me, so I used my phone camera instead.

Of course a photo with my kuya! Kuya Lloydie!
Beshie! Beshie! Beshie!
Bulilit girls! Kiray, Eliza, Me and Beshie!
Nice to see you, Kath! ©Johnny Delos Santos
Pagod na ang mga Lola!
“We are hungry again” pose. Oooops!

After catching up with our Star Magic brothers and sisters, we went back to our room. Changed our clothes, removed our make up and ready to eat. AGAIN! Hihihi!

While we were still deciding where to eat, we saw tita Mariolle and Mr.M at the lobby!


Heart to heart talk with my Beshie and ate Tippy. Thank you Lord for our friendship.


We slept around 4am and need to woke up by 8am  for a very important appointment. Me and my Beshie’s favorite… Breakfast buffet!! ?


Breakfast with John, Beshie and Nash. Hi NASHLENES!!
Breakfast with John, Beshie and Nash. Hi NASHLENES!!

To my Star Magic family, congratulations for another successful Star Magic Ball event.

To my Glam team; Rain Ragala and Em Milan, thank you for always making me feel beautiful. I love you two! #Tutokdotcom

To Michael Leyva, thank you for making my perfect gown. Thank you for being there for me for the past three years.

To Albert Kurniawan and Ethan David, thank you for saying yes! Thank you for being a big part of my transformation.

To my mama Isay, thank you for always being there for me. I love you, mudrabels! I know you’ll read this. #Stalker

And to my Beshie, thank you for being the best roommate, partner and beshie. Always looking forward of the Star Magic Ball because of you. I love you, Beshie!

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