Thank you, MYX!

“Your choice, your music.” I

can’t even remember how many times I said that line infront of a mirror  when I was a  kid.

One time, I visited Sissy and my Beshie: VJ Jairus and VJ Sharlene, on the set of MYX. I was able to guest in some of their episodes and deliver some spiels. It was fun! Fast forward to last week of May, I received a text from my RM asking if

I am willing to do MYX as a Celebrity VJ for the month of June. Without any hesitations, I said ‘OMG. YES, ate!!! :)”

My Beshie visited me on the day of my shoot with coffee and a sweet note, “Beshie, good luck!!!” Thank you beshie

for being so supportive and for being my cheerleader! I love you, VJ Sharlene.

I was soooooo nervous, but eventually after 2-3 episodes,

I enjoyed my spiels and even shared some of my most havey jokes. (Huwaw! hahaha!)

To the team of MYX, thank you very much for being so friendly to me. As I quote my beshie, “Grabe beshie, sobrang bait nila dun lahat!” and YES! That’s true. Thank you for being so supportive with my jokes. I know, I know..

Havey talaga lahat ng jokes ko. #loveyourself

Make-up by: Chie Gonzales

Hair by: Emma Hernandez

Styled by: TeamRainXEm




DSCF4902          First episode: Super nervous!!!! Thank you thank you, ate Judey! 🙂

Thank you very much MYX for giving me this opportunity. And for the last time:

“This has been Miles Ocampo,

your MYX Celebrity VJ for the month  of June. BYE!”

Much love,

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